Model 1344

IS 1344 Incubation Station

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Technical Data

 Recommended Requirements

 Electrical 100 Amp 220 VAC
 Water Supply 40 - 60 psi (275-410 Kpa) @5GPM (19LPM)

Operating Parameters

 Electrical Running Load
65 Amps
 Exterior Operating

32 ° F (0° C) 100% RH

115° F (46° C) 80% RH

 Water Consumption Humidifier
40 - 60 psi (275-410 Kpa)
@ 1 GPH (4 LPH)
Emergency Cooling
40 - 60 psi (275-410 Kpa)
@ 5 GPH (19 LPH)


Mode of Operation:

The IS-1344 is designed to be a Portable Turnkey Incubation and Hatching Facility. It is designed to be operational about 1/2 day after delivery to site. It provides Incubation and Hatching for 1344 Ostrich Eggs set multistage (240 per week) or approximately 80 hens.

Equipment is shipped in pre-assembled shipping containers, for easy handling and placement. Air conditioning and dehumidification are sized to operate in a maximum environmental load of 110°F and 80% RH.

The Mechanical Pull Out section contains the air-conditioning, and dehumidification.
Eggs are brought in from the field to the Egg Receiving Room, where they are cleaned, graded and stored. After storage the eggs are gradually brought up to near incubation temperature. They are then moved to one of the available spots in one of the Incubators.

The dollies have built in egg rotation to 140°, and the eggs can be candled in place. As the eggs approach full term the eggs are then moved to the hatcher. Upon hatching chicks are moved outside to a brooder.



  • The Swing Beam Egg Rotation system allows more free space between the eggs, hence better air flow.
  • There is full 140° rotation of the egg for proper nutriating of the developing embryo.
  • Each egg is firmly grasped with our unique egg cradle which prevents eggs from bunching up together as is common in roller type machines. It also provides 100% egg surface contact to the air stream.
  • Eggs may be incubated either standing up or laying down depending on user preference


  • Individual air ports blow over each row of eggs, preventing any stratifcation of air in the egg compartment.
  • Re-circulation air and incoming are thoroughly blended in the plenum chamber behind the egg compartment, preventing any buildup of CO2 in the egg compartment.
  • Air Flow is adjustable to allow for different incubating conditions (may vary depending on number of eggs being incubated).



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